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September 22-23
For children aged 4-11 years and teens 11-17
Collège Jean-Eudes, 3535 Boulevard Rosemont
Many workshops: educational methods, new regulations, etc.

The largest conference of the year will be in Montreal September 22nd and 23rd  

  • Presentation on the new ministerial regulations
  • New specialized workshops.
  • Networking with people from your area
  • New member workshops

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New! Daycamp for 4-11 year-olds!

Here is to what your child can look forward…

Saturday and Sunday

Free and organized activities:

  • drawing
  • arts & crafts
  • play dough
  • watercolours

Science activities

Sports games

Friendly variety show

Foosball and ping pong

(Only Saturday : Pizza Dinner and Dance 18h-20h)


*Activities subject to change

Good idea!

New! Daycamp for teens!

Here is what your teen can expect…


Engineering Challenge I / Track Meet

Group discussion “What is it like homeschooling as a teen?” What does everyone like about it? What are the challenges? How would you like improve your experience?

Theatre Primer (theatre games, skits) / Friendly variety show

Magic: The Gathering Tournament / Foosball and ping pong

Pizza Dinner / Dance 18h-20h


Engineering Challenge II / Foosball and ping pong

Panel of homeschool “graduates” / Contact exchange

Science Buffet OR Group canvas painting

Soccer (depending on availability of field)


*Activities subject to change


Let's go!

Individual ticket - member


Valid for one person

Saturday and Sunday

Individual ticket - non-member


Valid for one person

Saturday and Sunday



Couples ticket - member


Valid for one couple

Saturday and Sunday

Couples ticket - non-member


Valid for one couple

Saturday and Sunday



2-day camp member


Daycare or Teens program

4-11 years old or 11-17

2-day camp Non-Member


Daycare or Teens program

4-11 years old or 12-17

1-day camp member


Daycare or Teens program

4-11 years old or 12-17

1-day camp non-member


Daycare or Teens program

4-11 years old or 12-17

The workshop schedules will be available at a later date

Katherine Léger

Le matériel scolaire et le programme

Lors de cette conférence, on parlera des options concernant le matériel scolaire pour faire l'éducation à domicile. On clarifiera aussi les types de matériel québécois dans le but de bien
Michèle Potvin

Les troubles d’apprentissage

Nous présenterons brièvement les caractéristiques des troubles d’apprentissage les plus connus (dyslexie, dyspraxie, dysphasie, haut potentiel intellectuel à profil hétérogène, TDA/H, trouble du spectre de l'autisme, trouble du traitement
Michèle Potvin

Learning Disabilities

We will briefly present the characteristics of the best-known learning disorders (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysphasia, high intellectual potential with a heterogeneous profile, AD / HD, autism spectrum disorder,

Sinead Roy

Learning Online – Classes, Clubs and Courses

Learn about the various options available for online classes for students for all ages. From virtual literature circles to historical fiction clubs, STEAM class and math or science interactive
Marc-Alexandre Prud'homme

Construire autour des intérêts des jeunes à Mont-Libre

Au cours de cette présentation, deux facilitateur.rice.s de Mont-Libre vont commencer par introduire la philosophie éducative du centre, notamment l'idée d'apprentissage libre. Puis, illes vont discuter de ce qu'illes
Thierry Pardo

Puis-je me permettre la liberté éducative?

On entend souvent dire "L'IEF c'est bien mais moi je ne peux pas me permettre". Cela pose la question de la permission, de la liberté que chaque adulte se
Geneviève Côté

Voyage au pays du unschooling

L'apprentissage naturel, le unschooling, vous intéresse ou vous intrigue? Vous vous demandez comment cela se passe dans la vie de tous les jours? Vous vous questionnez sur le rôle
Caroline Mayrand

Panel : le unschooling

Qu’est-ce que le unschooling? Pourquoi le unschooling et, bien que cela puisse sembler étrange, comment? Est-ce légal? Comment gérer unschooling et commission scolaire? Plusieurs mères-éducatrices viendront témoigner de leur expérience

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The Quebec Association for Home-Based Education (AQED) is a grouping of parents who homeschool their children. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1997. All people who work here so do on a voluntary basis. AQED supports and defends the rights of parents to educate their children based on the educational method that they choose.

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This year we are also allowing parents to bring their children ages 3 and under who are not breastfed to the conference, and to attend the workshops. Those children enter for free. With a child ticket: The 11-17 years old can participate in the Teen program or can go anywhere at the Congrès. The 4-11 years old need to attend daycare program and are not allowed in the conferences.
Breastfeeding is allowed in all areas of the conference.
Places are limited for those who arrive early. Otherwise, you may find free parking spaces in the neighbouring roads.
Yes, tickets will be available, but the prices will be higher.